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Northern Florida’s Leading Women’s-Owned Mobile Wedding Dry Bar

Welcome to MyahGlam Co – an award-winning mobile wedding, hair, makeup, and dry bar located in Santa Rosa Beach, Fl – on Florida’s beautiful panhandle. Since 2018, Mariah Sexton (aka Myah) has offered a variety of mobile services from her mobile wedding hair makeup dry bar and has handled more than 200 weddings. Myah Glam offers these beauty services -

  • Blowouts & Special Hair Makeup

    • Prices start at $100

    • 2 or Less @ $125 each

  • Mobile Blowouts

    • Prices start at $95 for a basic blowout.

    • Blowout & Event Style @ $145 each.

    • Clip Extension – an additional $50

    • Blowouts with Extension @ $100 each.

  • Bridal Hair 1-2 Hour Trial Session – with a base price of $250.

  • Bridal Makeup – with a base price of $100 each and $65+ for children – includes a full makeup application and lashes.

  • Bridal Styling

    • Prices start at $95 for a basic blowout.

    • Clip Extension – an additional $50.

Check out our online reviews, photo gallery, videos, and review photos.

In addition to weddings, Myah offers these mobile hair, makeup & consultation services for holiday parties, family photos, and bachelorette parties, among others –

  • Hair Styling

    • Prices start at $100 for updo and styling options.

  • Traditional Makeup

    • Prices start at $100 for traditional, – including false lashes and tattoo coverage.

    • Bridal Makeup

  • Beaded Weft

  • Extensions

  • Textured Hair Styling

Have a question for MyahGlam Co.? Give us a ring at 850-739-4247, use our online form, or drop a note via email. Our list of prices and available services are available online, as is a list of MyahGlam’s trusted vendors.

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