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The following outlines an agreement entered into between 
(aka freelancer) and Myah Glam.  Freelancer acknowledges that as an independent contractor they are solely responsible for reporting all earnings to the IRS.  Myah Glam will issue a 1099 form by the end of January for the previous year’s work.  The freelancer is also solely responsible for providing all necessary insurance, supplies and equipment necessary to perform job and is responsible for any and all personal injury or negligence to themselves, Myah Glam or any client.  The freelancer understands that they are an independent contractor who is representing Myah Glam and should at no time market or solicit themselves independently on any job or with any client, wedding vendor or associate affiliated with Myah Glam. 
Per this agreement, the above mentioned freelancer agrees to be available any day or time they have made themselves known to be available to be booked for jobs without notice as long as the stylist has not otherwise notified Myah Glam via email that he or she is not available and such email has been responded to. Once Myah Glam schedules any job for the freelancer, the freelancer is legally and contractually obligated to complete said job.
It is the freelancer's responsibility to invoice Myah Glam for any and all work performed per the agreed upon pay structure. Any and all work turned in by 12noon on Tuesday, will be processed and paid for that week. Invoice must contain: an invoice number, freelancer's name, individual wedding details (bride name, date) and specific services and pay for each service and each wedding individually as well as a total amount due for the entire invoice. If there are ever add-ons at a wedding, let it be known that such services must go through Myah Glam.  Failure to do so will result in the immediate cancellation of a freelancer's contract.
Either party may cancel this agreement at any time, however in the event of the cancelation of this agreement, the freelancer is legally and contractually obligated to finish any and all weddings, jobs, special occasions or events of any kind for which the freelancer has been scheduled to work in any capacity.  If cancellation of this agreement does occur, Myah Glam agrees to, within 72 hours of the cancellation, give the freelancer a complete list of any and all scheduled work that the stylist has been booked and is legally obligated per this agreement to complete. If the freelancer fails to complete any of the scheduled work contained within the above mentioned list in which they are scheduled, they will be liable to Myah Glam for ten times the  entire contract amount of each job whether or not the job was completed by another freelancer.  This agreement supersedes any agreements entered into before it.  This agreement is legally binding and strictly enforced.
I have read and agree to the terms of this agreement.
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