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Bride's First Name:


Phone Number:


Bride's Last Name:



Wedding Date:

Sunday, December 3, 2023

Wedding Start Time:


Bride's Married Name:


Photos Start Time:


Wedding Location

Eden Gardens State Pk, Florida 32459, USA

Getting Ready Location:


Bride Services (Hair, Makeup or Both):


Additional Hair Services (NOT Including Bride):


Additional Makeup Services (NOT Including Bride):


Service Start Time:


Service Completion Time


Do they want a trial?


If they want a trial, for which services?

Hair and Makeup

Photographer's Name & Contact:

Amber Avriett Photography 850-557-7920

Permission to Use Photos?


Coordinator's Name & Contact:

Bride Style Information

Wedding Style

Afternoon wedding, (vow renewal ceremony) with backyard bbq feel reception. Hoping to feel elegant but relaxed with a fun environment.

Personal Style

My personal style is causal/minimal, but I also love a little glitter and sparkle.

Hair Ideas

I am looking at two options - hair down, with loose curls or waves and flowers or hair piece or a low chignon with a few framing pieces around my face. I have two dresses, that I am trying to decide on and that will impact which look I go with.

Hair Concerns

My hair is straight and sometimes has a hard time holding a curl, but will hold in cool weather.

Hair Inspiration
Makeup Ideas

I am looking at Pinterest for now, but I would love to have a smokey eye with neutrals/browns and a light pink/nude lip.

Makeup Concerns

I have fair skin so I sometimes have a hard time finding a good foundation match. That would be my biggest concern and also I've never worn false lashes so I'm not sure if that's something that would look good on me.

Makeup Inspiration
Bridesmaid Hair Ideas

Bridesmaid Hair Inspiration
Bridesmaid Makeup Ideas

simple and elegant for my mom and groom's mom and his little sister.

Bridesmaid Makeup Inspiration
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